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People are going to die

When I prepared my speech to the White House OMB and FDA, I thought they’d listen. When I presented it, they didn’t seem to care.

Today I know they didn’t.

I used to be naive about how government works. I still think most people are.

We’ve known for almost a year now that that this would happen, that the FDA would basically ban 99% of life-saving vapor products out there…leaving only those sold by Big Tobacco.

It’s time to wake up smokers. It’s time to wake up vapers. It’s time to wake up the public.We’re being lied to, and people are going to die.

How do we fight this?

It will be a combination of relationship building at the government level and public relations. You should join or start an association and give them money so they can fight.

However, we must also change the public’s perception of vaping. Right now they are cheering on the FDA.

Our film will help, but we need to make major noise.Here’s how you can help:

A) If you see an article about vaping, please mention our film.

B) If you get interviewed about vapor technology, please mention our movie.

If you help us get on the air, we will carry the message. We’re not smokers. We’re not vapers. We’re not in the vapor tech business.

Here’s a recent radio interview I did. With your help, there will be many more.

How are we launching this movie? 
That’s the question I get hundreds of times a day.

Here’s the plan so far:

1) A proper World Premiere at Oscar-qualifying DocEdge International Film Festival to gain media attention. 

This is going well. Alfaliquid just offered to sponsor the after-party to assist with costs and pump it up. NZVapor is sponsoring the red carpet festivities. Hawke’s Bay Vapour and NVC are sponsoring the event photography. I am extremely grateful and this support has allowed us to attract people (media, politicians, etc.) to the movie from many countries, including those who have banned vapor technology.
2) Show politicians, scientists, and doctors the truth at our European Premiere during GFN on June 16th.

Preparations are ongoing, but I’m very thankful for the help the Global Forum on Nicotine has provided. Not only did they help us land the Hon Lik interview last year, but they are also helping coordinate VIPs for the big event their hosting at the Palace of Culture in Warsaw.

Souvenir programs. Awards show. After-party.

It’s coming along nicely.

3) An epic North American Premiere in the US

We’re excited to bring the movie home. Many have asked us why we didn’t premiere in the US. The answer is money.

We didn’t have the money to throw a proper premiere by ourselves and we needed the help of a world-class film festival. DocEdge invited us and we were very excited to accept.

In order to keep momentum rolling and get the attention of the public/media/politicians, we need to keep the level of these events to the highest quality.

Few things capture the public’s attention like a red carpet and the festivities surrounding a movie premiere. We only get one chance to premiere a movie in each region, and we’re going to make the most of it.

We’ll set a date in the US once we’ve figured out a way to pay for it. Jesse is working on it.

4) A noise-making Canadian Premiere
Same as above for the US. Jesse does have one person who’s offered to help sponsor an after-party to cover our costs to throw a special premiere that will make noise.
We’ll let you know once that’s been figured out. Jesse is working on it.
5) Tour of North American regional premieres

We’re working on renting a bus and planning premiere events around North America. So far, we’re planning events at the IMAX below the Seattle Space Needle (thanks John Conner for the help), Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Washington DC, Milwaukee, Miami, Philadelphia, Tampa, Phoenix, Orlando, Salt Lake City, St. Louis, Calgary, Nashville, Santa Fe, and others.

Basically, we need two things to make it happen in your city:

1) someone to help guarantee tickets sold (we don’t have a huge marketing budget)

2) someone to sponsor the after-party to cover our costs (gas, banners, theater rentals, projection costs, food, etc.)
If you know anyone with either a large following or a large bank account, please have them contact
6) Other film festivals

We are starting to get other film festivals contacting us now that the movie is done. If you have one in your area, please contact them.

It worked in Tampa and it worked for New Zealand. It took an organized group of people calling/emailing. It wasn’t easy.

7) Australian Premiere

We are getting closer to a plan for a proper Australian Premiere in July. We also have some discussions with distribution companies there.

We need New Zealand to go well first. Stay tuned.

8) German Premiere
Thanks to the work of Anja, Frank, Ira and a bunch of other really amazing Germans, we have interest in the movie from several theaters and distributors. Anja Jochem Skowronek is managing/translating the A Billion Lives German page and it’s up to almost 2000 people! It’s been mindblowing to see how organized and active they are in Germany.
If we keep at this, there will be a wide release throughout all of Germany, possibly Austria and Switzerland too. Our biggest hurdle now is preparing the movie for a German audience.
9) Norwegian Premiere

Lisbet Fjølstad has been helping/translating the A Billion Lives Norwegian page. We now have growing interest from movie distributors there.

10) French Premiere
We will have a premiere in France, a country that has been so wonderfully supportive. I’ve traveled there three times in the past year and their support has been amazing. Same as all the premieres, our goal will be to put together an event that will capture the attention of the media and public.
11) Swedish Premiere
We just launched an A Billion Lives Swedish page after Ubbe Strihagen offered to help translate. He’s also done a lot of work reaching out to movie distributors there as well. There are conversations happening and I’m confident that the Swedish people will get a chance to see A Billion Lives.

12) The United Kingdom

We’d really really really like to host a UK Premiere soon. Our friends in Scotland did their best to bring the movie to a film festival in Edinburgh, but we just found out the festival wasn’t interested in the topic.

Despite having several prominent UK thinkers in the movie, we are not seeing much other interest at this time from the UK. Hopefully that will change soon.

After we finish in theaters and have enough attention, we will release the film digitally, and then on DVD/BluRay in fall.

Closing Thoughts

I get about 100 requests a day for the movie. In different languages. In different cities.

Our message is needed.

Hopefully Hollywood will hear your voice, see the potential, and decide to back the film. Then it will be instantly everywhere.
Until then, we’re going to do this the best way we can. Step by step. Building an audience.

Building momentum.

Thanks for your help,

– Aaron Biebert & the team
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