New Send & Sling Customize

New Send & Sling™ Customize

Send_n_SlingAs of March 23rd 2017, New Send & Sling™ Customize is released.

(only available for V3 slings)

Now you can personalize your V3 Sling type with any fabric print you desire. Sling your Sports teams (NFL, NBA etc), car/bike brands (Harley), TV show (TWD, GOT, etc), or a favorite pattern print (Stripes, polka-dots, etc…).

Step 1: Go to any fabric store and select your favorite printed fabric. Copyright material such as Disney® are fine to use. Our legal team assures your purchased copyright fabric can be used legally for your OWN* Sling customization. The sturdier your fabric, the better. Tee shirts can be sent in, however, the material may not be long enough for a MODster for instance. Please keep this in mind when selecting your fabric for your Sling type. Please send at least 2 yards if possible, to avoid seams.

Step 2: Shop and add your V3 Sling type to your cart. Immediately after, add the Send & Sling FREE option to the cart. Checkout and done on the site.

Step 3: Send your fabric to:

VapeSling LLC

Attention: Send&Sling

10624 S Eastern Ave

STE: A-838

Henderson, NV 89052

We suggest using the most economical method: USPS “Thick/Padded envelope” rate. Using any clasp envelope of 9×12 or larger, your rate can be as low as $2.61 (1-4oz) and up to $4.30 (1 lbs).

Step 4: 3-5 days after we receive your fabric, you will receive your new custom Sling.

Note: The VapeSling® VS® Logo accompanies your sling and custom fabric. Therefore, we forbid fabric with hate lettering or symbols. These will be discarded and money refunded. Profanity is ok as long as it is directed at the FDA 🙂

Reminder: Please add your Sling choice to the cart as well as the complimentary Send & Sling option.

*NOTE: You are not re-distribute any of the S&S slings.