How to choose your VapeSling®

The VapeSling® vape carry concept can be confusing. The ONE common factor for all our slings is they will accommodate any 2 part vape (Atomizer and Battery sections).

HIPster™ Woodland
HIPster™ Woodland on a 510 Mod

Most every Open vape systems (2part) have 510 connectors such as these:

510 Pin
510 EgoCradle EGOatty
Do It Between The Atty and Batty
Do It Between The Atty and Batty

The following breakdown should help in pinpointing the Sling for you.

First choose a Type of Sling

The Sling Type describes the placement or function on your body (neck, hand or shoulder).

Clip Type

The HIPster ™ is a clip vape holder. Recommending this type for any 1 or 2 battery vape/mod.

The HIPster™
The HIPster™

Hand Type

Hand Slings isolate your vape to your hand. Your Mod/Vape remains secured, comfortably in your hand. Recommending this type for any 1 or 2 battery vape/mod.

The V3.0 RingSling

RingSling grip
V3 RingSling grip
RingSling let go
V3 RingSling


The V3.0 HandCheck

HandCheck HandSling
V3HandCheck HandSling

Neck Type

The Average Joe™ is our only neck sling. Worn like a Necklace, securing your vape comfortably, from your neck onto mid-chest. Recommending this type for any 1 or 2 battery vape/mod.

Average Joe™

Shoulder/Cross-Body Slings

Shoulder/Cross-Body Slings such as the V3.0 MODster provide the best weight distribution for large Mod/Vape carry. Worn like a messenger bag, your Mod has 3 positions for your daily vaping: Front, side, or behind you. Recommending this type for any 1 to 4 battery vape/mods.

V3 MODster™
V3 MODster™

All Versions and Types listed:

 V3  Fabric Slings: 4 Types:

Cross-Body) MODster—->MODster XXL, 

Neck Sling) Average Joe

Hand sling) RingSling, or  HandCheck

V2.1 (HP) Paracord:  8 Types:

Hand Slings:—-> HandCheck ™  or  —-> Ring Sling ™

Clip:—->HIPster HP ™

Neck Slings/Lanyards:—->Average Joe HP ™   or  —-> BlingSling™

Cross-Body Slings:—-> ZIPster HP ™  or  —->ZIPster XXL HP ™

 V2.1 Original is only Body/Shoulder type (Dual Cords)

Cross-Body only)   —->MODster—->MODster X, and —->MODster XL

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