How to choose your VapeSling®

The VapeSling® vape carry concept can be confusing. The ONE common factor for all our slings is they will accommodate any 2 part vape (Atomizer and Battery sections).

HIPster™ Woodland
HIPster™ Woodland on a 510 Mod

Most every Open vape systems (2part) have 510 connectors such as these:

510 Pin
510 EgoCradle EGOatty
Do It Between The Atty and Batty
Do It Between The Atty and Batty

The following breakdown should help in pinpointing the Sling for you.

First choose a Type of Sling

The Sling Type describes the placement or function on your body (neck, hand or shoulder).

Clip Type

The HIPster ™ is a clip vape holder. Recommending this type for any 1 or 2 battery vape/mod.

The HIPster™
The HIPster™

Hand Type

Hand Slings isolate your vape to your hand. Your Mod/Vape remains secured, comfortably in your hand. Recommending this type for any 1 or 2 battery vape/mod.

The V3.0 RingSling

RingSling grip
V3 RingSling grip
RingSling let go
V3 RingSling


The V3.0 HandCheck

HandCheck HandSling
V3HandCheck HandSling

Neck Type

The Average Joe™ is our only neck sling. Worn like a Necklace, securing your vape comfortably, from your neck onto mid-chest. Recommending this type for any 1 or 2 battery vape/mod.

Average Joe™

Shoulder/Cross-Body Slings

Shoulder/Cross-Body Slings such as the V3.0 MODster provide the best weight distribution for large Mod/Vape carry. Worn like a messenger bag, your Mod has 3 positions for your daily vaping: Front, side, or behind you. Recommending this type for any 1 to 4 battery vape/mods.

V3 MODster™
V3 MODster™

All Versions and Types listed:

 V3  Fabric Slings: 4 Types:

Cross-Body) MODster—->MODster XXL, 

Neck Sling) Average Joe

Hand sling) RingSling, or  HandCheck

V2.1 (HP) Paracord:  8 Types:

Hand Slings:—-> HandCheck ™  or  —-> Ring Sling ™

Clip:—->HIPster HP ™

Neck Slings/Lanyards:—->Average Joe HP ™   or  —-> BlingSling™

Cross-Body Slings:—-> ZIPster HP ™  or  —->ZIPster XXL HP ™

 V2.1 Original is only Body/Shoulder type (Dual Cords)

Cross-Body only)   —->MODster—->MODster X, and —->MODster XL

Color Selection Issue Temporary Fix

Order Note for Color Issue

The website color selection issue applies to only V3.0, not V2.1

We apologize to our dear customers (#VapeSlingers) for the ongoing issue with our website color selections. Apparently, only V3.0 products are affected by the bug.

The Bug

The V3.0 Color Selection bug/issue occurs upon selecting your V3.0 product color and Size. On some colors and most prints, an error or unavailable message appears. We can guarantee you, if the color is shown, the color is available. Thus is the bug.

The Fix

We have a temporary solution to continue thru the product color selection process and onto checkout without error. Please see the following images showing the problem and solution:

The problem/Bug/Issue
The problem/Bug/Issue
The Fix/Solution
The Fix/Solution
Add to Car/View Cart
Add to Car/View Cart/Proceed to Checkout
Order Note for Color Issue
Order Note for Color Issue

VapeSling LLC assures every order is reviewed for order notes as well as order accuracy. We thank you for your patience with this entire web site, not just this issue.

Please do contact us for any questions or concerns via contact page or email at:

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EST 2016 when developed VapeSling® latest version is: V3.0 Fabric Slings

Enjoy a new level of comfort and convenience with your new V3.0 Fabric Slings

About VapeSling LLC (VSLLC):

Vape Advocacy/Activism

VapeSling LLC is a Nevada, USA based company. All our employees are proud members of The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA), The Vaping Militia and the National Vapers Club (NVC); three organizations that further encourage ex-smokers to continue smoke-free lifestyles through scientific research on electronic cigarettes, education about vaping and vaping products, as well as helping to protect vaper rights through activism on the local, state, and federal levels. We also donate to .orgs such as NBS, and we hope you will too.

We created a VapersArmy on InstaGram that spread the word of justice for vapers. We furthermore, post every single CTA that exists currently on our dedicated web page –> Calls To Action – Vapor Products. We update this the daily in addition to update news posts under latest news. All vapers have access. .

On several occasions, VapeSling staff members have taken action on issues directly affecting our vaping community such as contacting several of our local Nevada politicians as well as the President himself. We encountered most favorable responses from Senators of Nevada.

Welcome to the New VapeSling Website!

VapeSling®: American Made

All VapeSling® products are “Made in the USA” with premium U.S. made materials. The VapeSling® breakthrough concept was born from e-cig/mod portability problems encountered with hand carry, pockets, pouches, belt clips, and all other available forms of e-cig/Mod portability. VapeSling® uses a unique Patent Pending concept which allows the user to carry, vape, and move. VapeSling® users can vape while their e-cig/mod is attached to their VapeSling®. Whether on the move or relaxing on a couch, a #VapeSlinger can carry their e-cig/mod comfortably, securely, and always ready to vape. No retrieving or re-deposits of your e-cig/Mod into any case, pouch, bag or pockets. No more devices falling to the ground. The VapeSling innovation has withstood the test of time by thousands of VapeSlingers. Enjoying CARRY.VAPE.MOVE. for 3 years since 2014. All device sizes, weights and shapes (Box, Cylindrical, etc.) will fit securely on your VapeSling® e-cig/Mod Holder.

Lastly, our USPTO patent will grant in 2019. Filed originally in 2014, our USPTO NPA examiner is very inquisitive, to say the least.

For more info, visit the this page—> VapeSling® E-cig/Mod/Vape Holder

Begin enjoying “hands free” carry, while vaping on the go. Get your VapeSling® today!


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VapeSling® Wholesale

VapeSling® Wholesale

FOR Vape Shops and Distributors ONLY


  • Please contact us at:
  • Include your company name and contact info in your email
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 10 items.
  • Freedom to order exactly what you want on your VapeSling® (*details below)
  • Free shipping on all wholesale orders
  • Wholesale Brochure available upon request
  • Invoice, delivery ETA and shipment tracking provided

Your order will be inspected and counted before shipment for accuracy.

All products arrive individually packaged with their respective product card. Product cards bear no price.

Copy of initialed “Inspector Invoice”, enclosed and shipped with every order.

!NEW! Full Custom Ordering

Your Wholesale business and satisfaction are very important to us. With this in mind, we offer Custom Builds at no extra charge.

As of September 1st 2015, all VapeSling® Wholesale orders are custom builds when your order is submitted.

Cording type and color choices

With the development of VapeSling® V2.0 product line, we install 2 types of premium cording on any V2.0 product (both V2.0 Original and Half-Pint style). The only product exception is the Bling Sling Luxe, which only uses Suede cording.


  • 550 Tactical Military grade Paracord (7 strand core; holds 550lbs)
  • 650 Tactical Flat Paracord (no core; holds 200lbs).


Cord Colors for VapeSling® V2.0 Original and Half-Pint Styles
Cord Colors for VapeSling® V2.0 Original and Half-Pint Styles

Just indicate which Cord type and color when ordering.

Please let us know of any suggestions you may have to help us improve your ordering experience.

Thank you for your Business!

#handcheck HandCheck™ by VapeSling®

V2.0 HandCheck™ by VapeSling®


HandCheck™ by VapeSling®


  • A VapeSling® Voltage test was conducted.
  • There are no Voltage Drops when using a VapeSling®.
  • Half-Pint Style holds better than 25lbs
  • All V2.0 models have a Lifetime Guarantee


This model was developed to accommodate users with a secure method of hand carry or HandCheck.
This latest creation using our Patent Pending concept is the V2.0 HandCheck™ from VapeSling®.

This new sling model is a Hand Sling Mod Holder. As with all our Slings, Mods of ALL SIZES, WEIGHT and SHAPE are held, comfortably and securely. Your Mod’s weight is supported by 550 Military grade paracord and our proprietary reinforced canvas. The cording is adjustable and extends up to 9″.


Never worry about losing or letting your Mod fall again. Take out your best Mods…you know, the one Mod you cherish the most and are so reluctant to take her out, that she never seen daylight. Sling her up on your new secure HandCheck™ and IG #handcheck safely.

Attachment is done with the cradle sandwiched between the Atty and the Batty (Atomizer and Battery). Your Mod will be in full display and always ready to vape.



The HandCheck™ will also fit the 510 connections on EGO batteries. The center aperture on the HIPster cradle is designed to allow the 510 connection on all EGO batteries fit in securely. All 510 Atty’s will screw on easily. If you use an EGO Atomizer (EVOD, mini atty, etc.), we provide a 510 to EGO adapter to accommodate the threads. The 510 to EGO adapter provides the wider EGO threads for any EGO Atomizer whether you are using a 510 Mod or EGO battery.

Get yours today!

Specs for HandCheck™:

  • 0-9 inch adjustable length
  • 550 Military grade paracord
  • Stitched and embroidered, Dual, reinforced, liquid-proof, black canvas
  • Fits all 510 devices

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