VapeSling® FAQ

  1. Why a VapeSling to hold my Vape/Mod?: 1. Your valuable Vape Setup is part of your daily life. Misplacing, dropping, slipping, or losing your vape/mod all together is unacceptable for any vaper. Replacement for a new Vape setup is expensive, no matter what level you are in. VapeSling® provides a secure, comfortable and cost efficient solution. Plus, allowing you to vape while your sling secures your setup thru every pull. 2. Ex-Smokers: Misplacing, dropping, slipping, or losing your vape/mod all together is devastating for any quitting smoker turning to vape. With a VapeSling®, an ex-smoker has their vape secure and at the ready 24/7. The security of the VapeSling® assures you will keep smoke-free while enjoying the comfort and convenience of vaping whenever you want to. 3. All other forms of carry are designed for storage only (ie: Pouch). However, when using a VapeSling®, you are not only securing/storing your mod/vape, you’re vaping as well. This is the primary reason for a VapeSling®. Never lose your vape…never miss a vape.
  2. What is VapeSling? VapeSling® is a concept and vape lifestyle convenience. Unlike any other holder, VapeSling® allows the user to vape securely. When properly used (Daily), you will NEVER experience a vapeless moment. Murphy’s Law has been rewritten to state: “Anything that can happen will happen to your Vape, unless you use a VapeSling®”. Of course, we are kidding. However, Murphy is a practical joker, to those slingless vapers. Be safe, get your sling today.
  3. Is VapeSling Guaranteed? Absolutely!!! Please visit VapeSling® Lifetime Guarantee
  4. When do I wear my VapeSling®? The question really is, “When do I remove my VapeSling®“? Answer is, “Only for the 3 S’s”: Shower, Sleep or Swim…some other S’s, but you get the idea. :). The reason is, your VapeSling® holder is designed to allow vaping while you continue to live your daily life, hands free. Daily wear is recommended/required to avoid misplacing or dropping your Vape/Mod. That guy, Murphy, is always lurking on vapers with his law: “Anything that can happen, will happen”. VapeSling® is your waiver for that jokers law. Carry it every day.
  5. How do I install my VapeSling®? Please see this post for Proper VapeSling® Installation
  6. How is the Cross-Body/Sholder design used? Worn like a Guitarist would wear a guitar sling, your vape remains at the ready for your next rip. The user has full use of both hands, plus the secured Vape/Mod weight is distributed on the shoulders and across the body. Best part is, a VapeSlinger can to rip a vape anytime the user pleases.

    Place your mod in front for a vape, place it on your back when done (Front for fun, in the back when done).

  7. What is a VapeSling® Cradle? Click this link to see the new Half-Pint HP cradle. The Original Cradle is a Monster 4 point support that wraps fully around your atty.
  8. The VapeSling concept uses a cradle installed between the Atty and the Battery. Is there a power/voltage drop?        No power loss whatsoever! We conducted a “Voltage Drop Test”. The test proved there is no power loss, even when using a Hybrid Mod.
  9. I have a heavy Mod. How much weight does VapeSling hold?   Using 2 ultra-thin PVC sheets, plus 2 outer Canvas layers, the VapeSling® Proprietary cradle (Flap holding your Vape) provides  Liquid Resistance as well as Strength for secure vaping and convenience. Measuring only .8 mm (less than a MM) to fit any vape. In addition, the new V3.0 Slings can pull a truck without breaking. These new wide, fabric slings are triple stitch sewn onto the cradle. In addition to their strength, V3.0 Slings are extremely comfortable. We hired NTS to conduct a Load Test onV2 Slings. A video is provided: There is no audio, however, the results speak louder than words. See our Post:  Unbreakable Mod Holders The Original Style cradle used in this test holds beyond 100 lb.
  10. VapeSling Vape Holders look as if my heavy mod may fall from it’s Atty?    This will never happen. Once tightened down onto the cradle (fabric has a bite), your atty and batty will not rotate. Your Mod is secured not only from it’s 510 connection, rather the entire bottom surface of your Atty and upper surface of your mod. Your Vape Parts remain tight and secure throughout your slinging. Please click here to see Proper VapeSling® Installation.
  11. Why is the VapeSling® cradle made out of Canvas?                                                                                                           Several tests were conducted for our VapeSling® cradle material. The main criteria was thickness and strength. Other points were stiffness, stretching, staining, cracking and snapping. Leather, plastic, and other materials failed to perform as well as canvas (in all the criteria). Furthermore, we reinforce the canvas with a double layer of PVC for strength and liquid resistance. Your atty e-liquid leaks or spills, will not penetrate the canvas, thus protecting your battery connection.
  12. Why is the VapeSling® Cradle canvas color only available in Black?                                                                                                                                                                                           Standard color Black color was chosen, due to e-liquid staining. Since the VapeSling® cradle is directly under your Atty, spills onto the cradle may be frequent. The Black color hides stains best.
  13. What are V2.1 Slings?       The V2.1 Original and HP style  cradles feature extra reinforcement, embroidered logo, stitched boundary and stitched paracord fasteners. Knots were eliminated from V2.0 and no longer used (V2.0 discontinued).
  14. Why are there no enclosures or pouches used on VapeSling® Vape Holders?   The VapeSling® concept provides vapers with a “Vape as you Carry” Mod holder solution that “fits all” 510 Mod sizes and weights. An enclosure, such as a pouch, would limit the Holder’s use to a particular Mod size or shape. Additionally, a pouch covers the “all important” fire button. It would be difficult if not impossible to “Vape as you carry” with an enclosure or pouch. Finally, pouches are just not a secure carry, unless completly enclosed. What would be the use in buying a sexy mod when you have to hide it nor vape it. Sling it and vape it all you want from now on with your VapeSling.
  15. I’m a visual person. Are there any VapeSling® videos?                                                                                                    You can view product demos —->here and test videos at our VapeSling YouTube channel. Most of our product pages, have a video in the description area.
  16. Will my Mod/Atty 510 connector ever get damaged from slinging? No. Your device is not held solely by your 510 connector. Rather, your device is secured by the VapeSling® cradle surface not the 510 connector. Custom_Cr_Neon_GrnA cradle has a centered aperture for your atty 510 (male connector). The weight of your device is held from the entire Atty&Batty (Mod) contact surface —>Please click here to see Proper VapeSling® Installation. Fact: Mod weight suspension (4 battery 18650 box usually 1.5lbs or less) will not harm your Atty or Mod threads. Priorities: Not convinced? Fact: A lost or broken vape is expensive. Trying A VapeSling® is inexpensive, efficient and convenient. A solution with minimal costs and a lifetime of usage.
  17. I’m still not sure. Why a VapeSling?

    Ask yourself the following:

    1. When driving: Has your Vape become a flying and dangerous projectile? Do you fumble for your vape? Do your eyes wander off the road to look where your Vape is?
    2. Broken or damaged Mods?: falling Vapes from hand holding, pockets, pouches, clips, etc?
    3. Your current vape Holder does not fit nor support all your Mods?
    4. Own a beautiful and expensive Mod? Your current carry method makes you hesitant to take it out?
    5. Lost Mods: Set it down. Forget where you left it? Worse yet, lose it for good?
    6. Lifestyle: Vape carry hindering work, play, phone use, etc?
    7. Your current Vape holder wont allow vaping while on the holder?
    8. Is your battery connector frequently covered in e-liquid?
    9. Have you ever used a universal (all mods fit) Vape holder that allows vaping while securely holding your Vape…really, SECURELY?

       VapeSling is the solution to all these issues and more:

  1. With VapeSling, driving or Riding while vaping is safe for you and those riding with you. Your Vape is secure and at the ready for a relaxing vape while your eyes remain on the road. Your MOD will remain a vape and not a missile.
  2. Your Mod will never fall/bust because, our Slings never break nor let go. We guarantee it for Life!
  3. All our VapeSlings support every vape you own (510 or Ego). Mods of any size, shape or weight can be held.
  4. Carry and showcase your beautiful expensive Mods without worry. Your Mod is secure on a VapeSling.
  5. You’ll never lose your device again. With a VapeSling, your Mod is on your body, ready to vape at all times.
  6. As we all know, Vaping is not an easy lifestyle. Holding a vaping device can be obtrusive to your daily life. With a VapeSling, your hands are free to live your life again, plus, you can vape easily at all times. Yes, even vooping 🙂
  7. Our most essential benefit for VapeSling users is the ability to vape while you securely carry. Your Vaping Device is held safely and comfortably on your body and at the ready to vape.
  8. Whether a RDA or tank user, e-liquid from your atty to the battery are mostly unavoidable. However, when attached to your VapeSling cradle, leaks simply stay on the liquid proof canvas waiting for you to wipe it. Our proprietary canvas has a double layer of PVC sandwiched between 2 layers of canvas. This provides strength and prevents e-liquid seepage. Your battery will never lose contact due to liquid spills.
  9. VapeSling is the only concept vape holder to allow “Vape and Go” securely. The rest are simply storage like a sox drawer 🙂

18. I’m almost convinced. Just nudge me some more:

As a #VapeSlinger (please tag us on IG @vapesling) you Never worry about losing or letting your Mod fall again. Take out your best Mod…you know, the one Mod you cherish the most and are so reluctant to take her out, that she never seen daylight. Sling that baby on your new secure VapeSling®. No worries ever as you adjust it to stick to it. Yes, it’s a lifestyle change, and so is vaping. Your VapeSling® will battle Murphy’s dreaded yet proven law—> “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong” unless you sling it, of course.

If you have any questions or concerns not listed here, please submit them to faq@vapesling.com.

Thank you and keep Vaping freely!

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