The U.S. Army needs your Vape before Deployment

The U.S. Army needs your Vape before Deployment
VapeSling® is donating  Average Joe HP slings for the troops to not lose or break their vape while in IRAQ.
They are Army Regulation “Subdued Black” Stitched cradle, with Black and Camo cording. Army VapeSlingers!


The U.S Army SGT (E-5) Contacted VSLLC via our website contact from. He wrote the following. When he provides the photos, we will post them.
POSTED 5/1/16

Comment: Hi, my name is SGT Adrian Pagan and I’m currently stationed at Ft Campbell, KY. My unit, 1/75 CAV, 1SBCT, 101 Airbone will be deploying to Iraq next month. I’m contacting you because I quit smoking and started to vape 13 November 2015 and it’s amazing what it has done for my physical fitness. I have 3 soldiers that would love to start to vape also but they’re very hesitant because stores around Ft Campbell are taking advantage of soldiers when it comes to Mod’s, tanks, RDA’s, coils, juice, etc… It will be extremely amazing if your company could sponsor our unit or my 3 soldiers with the hardware necessary to make the transition. It would mean the world to me if your company would be able to help us. Thank you very much.

SGT Pagan, Adrian

POSTED 5/2/16
I requested a story and deployment date from the SGT. This is what he wrote:
SGT Adrian Pagan Comment: As you know in the Army…. I can’t give you a direct day on when we’ll be deploying. (OPSEC)…. But I can tell you that it’s going to be towards the end of this month. So no worries on me been overseas before the package gets here!!!!! So go ahead and send the package!!!!. I will be getting a picture of my entire Section to show you all the guys that will be benefiting from your sling products.
4636 A Kelly St,
Ft Campbell, KY, 42223 
SGT Pagan Adrian Story;
Well, On 13 November 2015, my daughter Cassie (14) told me that she wanted something from me for X-mas. She’s daddy’s girl so I said anything you want…? She said that she would hate for me not to be able to give her away on her wedding because I’ve been smoking for 14 yrs.  So her and I went to a shop here on Ft Campbell called Saturn and they explained to me how does vape works and how beneficial it’s compared to regular smoking. A Co-worker, SPC Inostrosa, happen to had an IPV2 and he let me borrow the mod with the tank that was there so I didn’t had to buy a new one. I replaced the coils and for  the pack of cigarettes that I was carrying, they exchanged my pack for a 30ml bottle of Cherry-Lemonade ICE 6mg. From then, I was hooked with my mod.
Hope you enjoyed my story and I’ll try to get some of my soldiers to also share their stories.
Thanks for everything and thank you for your support.
Posted 5/13/16
SGT Adrian Pagan Comments: Sorry for the delayed e-mail. Not sure if you’re tracking but we got a lot of classes that we have to go thru and its hard to get all of them together at one time and also, 1 soldiers from 3rd BDE was killed at Ft Polk LA during a live range training. So they have us here doing a bunch of safety classes. Hope you like the pics, a little blurry but we all love your product. Thanks for everything.
The Slinging Brethren
The Slinging Brethren
Posted 5/16/16
SGT Adrian Pagan Comments: 3 weeks before we go. They pushed it back a week due to the accident in FT Polk, LA. So still got some time to receive some donation. Do you have some on standby? Would love to help my last 3 soldiers with starter kits… Thank for everything.
Please contact SGT Pagan Adrian to thank him for his service
Please wish him and his unit the best of luck next Month:  Email:
We know your donations will keep them healthy and stealthy.
Stealth Reason: Cigarette lighting or just the glow, will give any soldiers position away. Mainly from the smell or sight in the night.


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  1. Thank y’all for your support. Just received an message from Liza and Jason Kerns telling me that they send me a care package for me and my soldiers. The more juice and hardware the better. I might be able to take care of other soldiers in my unit who will also would like to quit smoking. Thank you and that you for your support.

    Sgt Pagan Adrian

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