FDA Vapor Deeming Regs – Contact the FDA

 FDA Vapor Deeming Regs – Contact the FDA
… and FDA operators are standing by to answer them.




Today, Tuesday, May 10th, 2016, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is officially publishing its final tobacco deeming regulations in the federal register. This means the clock begins counting down on the various compliance periods within which e-cigarette manufacturers and retailers must implement certain practices.


CASAA has been receiving a high volume of calls and emails from consumers and small businesses regarding how the FDA Deeming regulations will affect them. Fortunately, the FDA has set up a hotline to answer your questions.


Please take a moment today

To reach out to FDA at:


(Operators are standing by to assist you with your FDA Deeming clarification needs.)


Some of the questions that CASAA has received that might be more appropriately answered by FDA include:


  • Will I still be able to DIY at home or do I need to register as a tobacco manufacturer?

  • I have an e-liquid line coming out next week. Will I be able to sell it?

  • Will kanthal wire and cotton balls now be considered tobacco products?

  • Will I have to pay to sample e-liquid even it it’s zero nicotine?

  • Can I sell my device to a friend even if I’m not a shop owner?

  • Can I give my old equipment to a friend who wants to stop smoking?

  • Is my device a tobacco product even though I use it with zero nicotine?

  • If I buy vegetable glycerine from a vape store, is it a tobacco product? If yes, what about if I buy it at a Walmart?

  • And so on…

If you have ANY question, the responsible thing to do is ASK THE FDA! Even if you know an expert vaper, you should call the FDA to confirm their analysis of the deeming regulation.


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