Breaking the Law with VapeSling® – 3day sale

Breaking the Law with VapeSling®

Oops, dropped my Mod!

April Fools, Murphy’s Law! I Got a VapeSling!

Happyapril-fool-dayBreaking the Law with VapeSling®

3-Day sale 3/31/18 – 4/2/18

Fool Murphy this April. Protect your mod by Breaking the law, not your bank—> Sale coupons:

  • V3 $5 off coupon is: v3law
  • V2.1 $2 off coupon is: v2law

VapeSlingers successfully fight the law every day!


Oh no, I Forgot my Mod!

April Fools! I got a VapeSling!

Murphy, this April, The Joke is on you and your law!

Nelson points leftNelson points right

Murphy and his Laws will be the Fool this April, with your new VapeSling®

This April, we want to help you fool Murphy and save you bucks now and the long run. Take $5 off any V3 sling and/or $2 off any V2.1 sling (Check out coupon posted below).

Unfortunately, Murphy’s Law is a BROAD law that extends to affect Vapers everyday. A brand new or old, trusty Mod may fall and shatter on any given day. Get the last laugh on Murphy and his dooming law; at least with your Vape.

Secure your Mod and your money today with any VapeSling®type: Fingers, hand, neck or body.

Fool Murphy this April. Protect your mod by Breaking the law, not your bank—> Sale coupons:

V3 $5 off coupon is: v3law

V2.1 $2 off coupon is: v2law

3-Day sale begins 3/31/18 –  exp 4/2/18

Note: Always Free Shipping to U.S. customers. Coupons can be combined. $5 off any V3 sling and/or $2 off any V2.1 HP sling (excludes V2.2 and V2.1 Original). Sale expires at 11:59am, on April 2nd, 2018.

We hope you take advantage of these savings plus stick it to Murphy.

Thank you for visiting VapeSling®

About VapeSling LLC (VSLLC):

Vape Advocacy/Activism

VapeSling LLC is a Nevada, USA based company. All our employees are proud members of The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA), The Vaping Militia and the National Vapers Club (NVC); three organizations that further encourage ex-smokers to continue smoke-free lifestyles through scientific research on electronic cigarettes, education about vaping and vaping products, as well as help protect vaper rights through activism on the local, state, and federal levels. We also donate to .orgs such as NBS, and we hope you will too.

We created a VapersArmy on InstaGram that spread the word of justice for vapers. We furthermore, post every single CTA that exists currently on our dedicated web page –> Calls To Action – Vapor Products. We update this the daily in addition to update news posts under latest news. All vapers have access. No one has an excuse to not fight for Vaper Rights. Before this author goes on a rant about sheeple, we will move on.

On several occasions, VapeSling staff members have taken action on issues directly affecting our vaping community such as contacting several of our local Nevada politicians as well as the President himself. We encountered most favorable responses from Senator of Nevada, Dean Heller and recently Representative of Nevada Joe Heck . If you are a local to Nevada, please contact them to express your vaping concerns and relay any call to action from vaping advocate groups, clubs and associations. Furthermore, thank and support Joe Heck and Dean Heller by voting for their renewed services on election day.

Welcome to the New VapeSling Website!
Flag of the United States of America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

VapeSling®: American Made

All VapeSling® models are “Made in the USA” with premium U.S. made materials. The VapeSling® breakthrough concept was born from e-cig/mod portability problems encountered with hand carry, pockets, pouches, belt clips, and all other available forms of e-cig/Mod portability. VapeSling® uses a unique Patent Pending concept which allows the user to carry, vape, and move. VapeSling® users can vape while their e-cig/mod is attached to their VapeSling®. Whether on the move or relaxing on a couch, a #VapeSlinger can carry their e-cig/mod comfortably, securely, and always ready to vape. No retrieving or re-deposits of your e-cig/Mod into any case, pouch, bag or pockets. No more devices falling to the ground. The VapeSling innovation has withstood the test of time by thousands of VapeSlingers. Enjoying CARRY.VAPE.MOVE. for 3 years since 2014. All device sizes, weights and shapes (Box, Cylindrical, etc.) will fit securely on your VapeSling® e-cig/Mod Holder.

Lastly, our USPTO patent will grant in 2017. Filed in 2014, our USPTO NPA is finally on the examiners desk.

For more info, visit the this page—> VapeSling® E-cig/Mod/Vape Holder

Begin enjoying “hands free” carry, while vaping on the go. Get your VapeSling® today!


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