New Film Released by Aaron Biebert of AbillionLivesFilm

New Film Released by Aaron Biebert of AbillionLivesFilm
New Film Released Today!
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One of my big regrets while making A Billion Lives was that we did not interview many smokers. Just like many people in the field of tobacco control, I was a non-smoker who tried to help smokers I didn’t understand.

I’m thankful for what happened with the A Billion Lives movement (thanks for joining it), but there is still so much work to be done. I was naive about how simple it would be to help the situation.

Today in front of a group of global philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and the media, we just had a private premiere of my new short film “Global Confusion” in Washington D.C.

This email is the public premiere. It is now free to the public:

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Thanks to the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World, we were able to travel to 13 countries and speak with the actual people we’re trying to help.
It was eye opening.
In addition, I also shot a series of portraits around the world with those I interviewed. You can see my photography work and look at the ground-breaking new polling data that was released today in conjuction with our new film on
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