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Click on links below to reach out to your state or local area Reps asking their support for HR1136 and opposition to S.3319. Unite to fight for our right to VAPE!

Here are some materials you can share on social media and/or as flyers around town.

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VSLLC conducts daily research for new CTA’s (Calls to Action) to publish and alert the community.

On occasion, one of the esteemed #2019VapeFight .org’s may publish a CTA later in the day. It may pass us till the next day. Please Help this page—> Such as ON IG, we have received several CTA Alerts from concerned Vapers (#VapeWarriors). We appreciate this and please continue to share. We will publish your handle when you tag us for the alert. Thank you VapersArmy!

The Vape Community is family…being part of a family means doing your part. Please advocate for Vapor as Harm reduction for you and future vapers.

Latest CTA listings

New York, NY – Stop a total ban on flavors

MA – Stop the Legislature Making Flavor Ban Permanent and 75% Tax!

CA – El Cajon – Stop a Flavor Ban!

WA – Emergency Alert! – Flavor Ban and Board of Health Meeting! (10-09-19)

OR – Call Gov. Brown – 503-378-4582 – Stop a Flavor Ban!

  • Posted 9/25/19

CT – Stop a Ban and Extreme Regulation on Vaping!

RI – Emergency Call to Action! Contact the Governor – Oppose the Vape Ban!

MA -Emergency Alert! – End the War on Vaping!

NY – Hempstead Twp. PUBLIC HEARING – Flavor Ban – 09.24.19, 7:00 PM

CA – Burbank Flavor Ban PUBLIC HEARING (09.24.19)

CA – Los Angeles County – Flavor Ban PUBLIC HEARING

IL – Public Meeting 09.23.19 – Mental Health Committee to Discuss a Response to “The Vaping Crisis”

Albany County – NY – Stop a Flavor Ban!

OH – Protect Access to Safer Alternatives to Smoking!

CT – Fight Back Against Vapor Taxes!

NV 30%Tax has passed.
Please take action NOW and urge Governor Sisolak to VETO SB 263.

SB 263, which would impose a 30% wholesale tax on vapor products, has passed the legislature and is being sent to Governor Sisolak for his signature.

Please take action NOW and urge Governor Sisolak to VETO SB 263.
Take Action – Share this Phone Number!
Call Governor Sisolak: (775) 684-5670

Make a Call – Talking Points

  1. Please VETO SB 263, which would impose an unjustifiable 30% wholesale tax on vapor products that are helping people like me quit smoking.
  2. Briefly, share your story about switching to vapor products.
  3. Please note any health changes that you have experienced as a result of switching to vaping or substantially reducing your smoking.

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