ECigIntelligence User Survey Results

ECigIntelligence User Survey Results

In the fall of 2016 CASAA was approached by ECigIntelligence for assistance in conducting a focused survey of e-cigarette users. The integrity of ECigIntelligence was verified as was the purpose and scope of the survey. The survey was conducted with our help by sharing it with our members. The results were tallied into a comprehensive picture of electronic cigarette users. As a part of our diligence to our members CASAA requested the ability to publish the relevant results to educate and advocate for our members.

We are grateful to our members that participated in the survey. Indeed your participation made this survey one of the most comprehensive and meaningful efforts to date.

The demographics of the sample are overwhelmingly male, between 25-54, who have been vaping over 2 years and use variable voltage/variable wattage mods.

94% of our respondents were exclusive vapors who had switched from a pack-a-day or greater use of combustible tobacco.

Here are two key info-graphics. The first shows that the number of dual-users decreases by nearly 50% with time. From 25.5% dual use in the early period (0-6 months) the number drops dramatically to just 3% dual-use at over 2 years. The second graph shows that the innovation in devices has had a positive effect in helping users completely switch from combustible tobacco. One in every seven users of closed system devices (cig-a-likes) were dual users while higher technology devices reduced dual use by almost 5x to 1 in 30.

A key info-graphic in combating the youth use argument. Here we note that the majority of purchases of e-liquid is through online or dedicated brick-and-mortar facilities all who have age-verification requirements by federal law. If youth are obtaining products they must do so outside of the legal channels.

In this survey flavors were a key question. Once again we find confirmation that non-tobacco flavors dominate the user preference with fruit and sweet flavors being the largest preference. Taken together non-tobacco flavors account for 86% of all flavor preferences with menthol and tobacco accounting for a mere 14%. Adults like flavors!

In this info-graphic key motivation for initiation and use were explored. While advertising did have an influence the most prevalent reason given for trying e-cigarettes was positive feedback from family and friends. In simple terms, vapors are the best sales tool to reach those still unaware that there are alternatives to combustible tobacco. The second graphic shows that the internal motivation for continued use is overwhelmingly based on reducing the harm from combustible tobacco use.

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