AbillionLivesFilm World Premiere a Huge Success!!!

AbillionLivesFilm World Premiere a Huge Success!!!

World Premiere Recap

What an amazing night. Wow.

Thank you to DocEdge for hosting us. Thank you to AlfaLiquid for the fantastic after-party & publicity help. Thank you to NZVapor.com for supporting the red carpet pre-party.


Red Carpet Coverage

Reactions to the Movie
Ryan Jay (Syndicated Film Critic)
The Hits (#1 Top 40 Radio in NZ)

One angry lady emailed members of parliament to complain that we were up partying until 3AM and that a vapor liquid company (AlfaLiquid) sponsored a party.

Now that our film is done, we’ll celebrate with anyone…especially those using vapor technology to save their life. There is nothing wrong with celebrating our film bringing the truth to millions.

It’s time for “health leaders” to focus on the facts and stop diverting attention away from the truth.

Moving Forward
The world premiere went so well, we just got an invitation from the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival to host our Australian Premiere on July 10th. We’re thrilled! Contact MDFF for tickets.

Next stop on our premiere tour, we’ll be heading to Warsaw’s Palace of Culture on June 16th for our European Premiere before the Global Forum on Nicotine. We’re really honored to show the movie to leading scientists, policy makers, health leaders, and media. Contact GFN for tickets.

What about North America?

People have contacted us to support large-scale premieres in Los Angeles, Dallas, Milwaukee, Paris, Toronto, Washington DC, and St. Louis. A premiere event that will attract the attention of media and policy makers is very expensive, so we appreciate all the help. We don’t have the billions like Big Pharma.

We need to do this together…and we need to do it the right way.
Talk soon,
– Aaron Biebert & the team
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