A Billion Lives Film is available on iTunes

A Billion Lives Film is available on iTunes 
They said we wouldn’t finish it.
They said we shouldn’t wait for film festivals.
They said it wouldn’t win awards.
They said the media wouldn’t pay attention.
They said nobody would come see it in theaters.
They said we wouldn’t get it out to the world.
They are wrong.

At every turn, we took the necessary time to do things the right way. We did what we said we’d do.

We made an award-winning film. We were on national news. We showed the movie to politicians & thought leaders. We brought 100,000 people together.

Now it’s time to show the world.

The Plan
It would have been nearly impossible to fight against the massive river of election and post-election coverage. Nobody in government was listening.

Now the US elections are finished and it’s back to business. There will be a new leader at the FDA. New legislation is pending. Changes are happening in Europe as well.

It is clear that the masses are upset. They are tired of being ignored.

We have friends of the truth in high places, such as my Senator in Wisconsin, Ron Johnson. He continues to fight for this, as do others around the world.
However, in a sea of issues like terrorism, the economy, and immigration, we need to make the case that this topic is vital…that people like you care about it.
Here’s how we’ll do it:
Step 1) With your help, we’ll rise to the top of the iTunes movie charts, drumming up interest to release the movie wider, and broadcast it on major TV networks and streaming sites.

Step 2) Use proceeds from sales to properly market the movie to the public.
Step 3) With your help, we’ll use that momentum to gain awareness and give our friends in Washington, Brussels, and around the world more credibility.
#1 Movie on iTunes is about Vaping?

Can you imagine that?

Along with the awards and press we’ve gotten so far, having the #1 movie on iTunes (largest market for digital media) will be a way for this topic to break the credibility barrier for the key people who can make a difference in this fight.

People like to watch and recommend popular movies. Sites like iTunes use sales data to suggest popular movies.

It just takes an initial push to get there.
There are documentary films on the Top 10 charts and we’ve timed this to fall on a slow day for movie releases. All of your pre-order sales will hit the charts when it goes live on April 12th.
Please support the #ABillionLives movement and order it. Now is the time. This is our last chance to make news.

If we are successful, we will give our high level friends the social credibility they need and provide a small army of supporters with an anti-propaganda weapon in their pocket.

But it all starts with you.

Google Play, Amazon, and Others
Of course we won’t stop with iTunes. That’s just the beginning.
We’ve also received word that we’re about 98% finished with the approval process for Google Play and Amazon. Other platforms are in the works as well.
We’ll keep you updated.
Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray
We know that most people prefer to consume their media digitally. We also know that many have asked for physical copies they can send to skeptics and local leaders.
Shops:  We are now finalizing bulk wholesale orders for stores and online retailers. Reply to this email if you’d like more information. We’d invite you to help us get our physical products out to the masses.
Consumers:  Once we have the final list of retailers, we’ll send it to you to order your personal copy of the collector’s edition Blu-Ray.

Netflix, Hulu, HBO, & More

Ultimately, we’d like to see the movie on more streaming services. It’s been tricky.
In the meantime, we’re excited for the movie to be broadcasted so the truth gets presented in front of the general public.

Our new broadcast distributor has been discussing A Billion Lives with HBO, AMC, MBC, YLC, MediaLaan, RTL, ProSieben, Telefilms, Bell Media, and Turner. In addition, they plan to bring our movie to Cannes next month for meetings with more key people.

This could be huge.

Next Steps:
  1. Order A Billion Lives on iTunes
  2. Share the trailer we just posted
  3. Join the movement on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram
Take part in our three week march to #1. We’ll be releasing new videos, sharing special highlights, and gearing up for our final push to get this in front of as many people as possible.
It all starts with you. We need our base to support us and drive the first wave. Once we show the power of this movement, the public will follow.

There is a battle for attention at the top. Leaders are being elected around the world to make change. We just need them to hear us.

You are a storm. They will hear you if we act together. We cannot let our neighbors fall prey to fake news and propaganda.

This is too important.

Talk soon,

Aaron Biebert

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