Vapor 2019 FDA Comment Submission Period

2019 Vapor – FDA Docket: Modifications to Compliance Policy for Certain Deemed Tobacco Products

To leave a comment for the FDA, please click here. Read up and be informed before submitting your comment. Below are main topics from the official FDA write up. Please use these for a quick reference to guide your response/comment.

Excerpts taken from FDA-2019-D-0661-0001 docket documents. 

This mention attempts to prove a fruity flavor preference by youth, while a mint or menthol flavor apparently, is preferred by adults. Therefore, the FDA would like to modify regulations. Mint and menthol flavors require no authorization, while all other flavors require a PMTA submission to the FDA.

The FDA has opened Docket ID:FDA-2019-D-0661 for comments to be entered on the following:

The FDA is sticking to their youth vape epidemic stance. Responses can include suggestions you may have to address youth availability, such as Gas stations and convenient stores
Responses should include your preference of e liquid flavors plus how limiting flavors would affect you. As written, flavors other than mint or menthol will need PMTA authorization to market.

FDA-2019-D-0661-0001 PDF File for download above.

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