Trump Video: Vapor Flavors Listening Session

November 22, 2019 Session Notes:

President Trump listened intently to groups on both sides.

  • Vapor 21, the law to restrict sales to 21 and older, was agreed on by all present at the meeting. This includes Vapor Industry and Anti Vapor/Flavor groups attending the meeting.
  • Vapor Opposition groups made their case on flavors, based on youth appeal and use. Weak cases were expressed without scientific basis, rather teen hear-say.
  • Pro Vapor groups used facts and scientific research for harm reduction. However, the opposition reminded and seeks to only ban flavors, not the devices, nor the industry. Unwittingly stated by anti flavor groups, and countered with “a flavor ban that removes every flavor excluding only tobacco flavor would indeed deal the Vape Shop industry a serious blow”. A statement was made that Vape shops would not survive selling Tobacco flavor only. This was met with little to no concerns by the meetings opposition, especially and surprisingly by Mitt Romney.
  • Mitt Romney was on hand for the Flavor Ban to be strictly tobacco. Menthol as well as Mint would fall into the banned flavors category. Mostly, Mitt was there to muddy the waters on any facts presented by Pro Vapor industry and .ORGs. The fact reversals blasted by Romney were so aggressive, that rebuttals was barely heard or expressed.
  • JUUL and Reynolds were there, of course. The BIG T dogs went along with every anti flavor suggestion, knowing that their billion$ can survive any product sales hit.

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