Light Up The Switchboard At The Whitehouse!

From Alex Clark of CASAA:
Yesterday, Donald Trump, along with HHS secretary Alex Azaar, announced that the administration would be banning all flavored vapor products from the market. The move is in response to early findings from the National Youth Tobacco Survey (NYTS) that show the number of young people who vape has increased by 25% in 2019 (accompanied by a 28% decline in teen smoking).

The White House needs to hear from adult vapers and anyone who loves a vaper!
A flavor ban won’t protect our children, but it will kill their parents.
We need to 
Light Up The Switchboard At The Whitehouse!
On your call:
The operator will likely ask where they can direct your call
Simply tell them that flavored vapor products saved your life;
and,tell them “We Vape, We Vote.
Be polite, be brief, and say thank you.
>>>Share this post!<<<   We know that people are scared and angry and we wish there were some hopeful words that we could offer to make things better, but this is just about as bad as we’ve seen it. We are facing a total favor ban on a massive, national scale, and such a measure will bolster state and local lawmakers to take similar action. While any enforcement action coming the FDA will likely take weeks or months, cities and states can move faster. We are also constantly facing waves of disinformation from officials who are supposed to be looking out for public health.

In the coming days and weeks, we will be working to provide you with up-to-date information and opportunities to connect with lawmakers. Some of you will probably need to save up for plane and bus tickets–whether your heading to D.C. or your state capitol. Everyone will need to share their stories, especially with people who are curious about switching to vaping instead of continuing to smoke.

But today, lets show the White House just how many people the administration is putting at risk. Light up the phones!

Thank you for Taking Action,
Alex Clark

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