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JG VapeSling LLC

FedEx is conducting their 2019 FedExSmall Business Grant Contest. VapeSling® has entered.

As many of you know, we support the vape community as well as make the best Mod Holder on the market. Such as on all our social media platforms (username: VapeSling), we encourage as well as engage in Vape Advocacy. In addition, VapeSling LLC publishes daily updates on our CTA pages, to further inform vapers how to protect their rights. We have a problem with misinformation in the Vapor Community. We all know it, and we need to fight it.

We hope you have had the opportunity to Shop for your choice of Hand, Neck, or Shoulder sling to secure your MOD/Vape while you vape. Whether you have or not, please help this Made in the USA company make it’s mark.

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With your help, VapeSling® can continue to help the community in more ways than we are capable of now. We try, but can only go so far with minimal funds. Of course, the win would also let VapeSling have a better reach in informing vapers like you about the best vape security solution. For further confidence, all Sling versions and types include an unheard of LifeTime Guarantee to secure your vape.

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