Fire the Surgeon General: Unacceptable Propaganda

Fire the Surgeon General: Unacceptable Propaganda

Article by J.G., Founder of the and VapeSling® LLC

April 10th, 2017, VapersArmy private chat: Tori Clayton (General in your VapersArmy) shared a disgusting video that made me sick. The awareness she presented was of this corrupted individual, with the title of the U.S Surgeon General (SG). The video shared here is a recent anti-vaping propaganda issued by the SG himself. The Hosts for the presentation, introduce the SG as a special guest. However, there is an obvious scripted and set theme by their behavior and ignorant remarks.

In the video, Vapor fear is delivered, in a radio show format, mixed in with negative nicotine effects for young adults developing brains. Absolutely no mention of smoking TAR filled, nicotine tobacco. Yes, Vapor or e-liquids can contain nicotine or none at all. In contrast, cigarette smoking has nicotine regardless, in addition to DEADLY TAR and 100’s of toxic chemicals. Vapor has absolutely no toxic chemicals, nor deadly TAR. A mention was made by the SG of Vaping not being SAFE. The Vape industry has never claimed a completely safe product, rather a 95% safer than smoking claim, backed by institutional studies. The Vaping industry also has no intentions nor desire to have young people vaping. However, the SG continues with a child attracting flavor claim. Truly a disgusting display of using his title and our tax dollars to produce government/Self gain, not the peoples gain. The truth of Vapor benefits are published everywhere in the world. However, in our sheeple society, this man can get away with this fear mongering production.

The main goal of the Vapor industry and their users (vapers) is HARM REDUCTION! This SG doesn’t get it!

Unfortunately, the U.S. Government views Vapor as TAX Reduction instead of Harm reduction. Most states and their politicians/civil servants, depend on Tobacco and Pharmaceutical tax dollars. Vaping has reduced much of these tax funds for vaping individuals and the states they reside in.


HEY U.S Surgeon General (SG), Vapers LOVE CANDY AND DOUGHNUTS TOO!!!

Sickening corruption by the SG. This is your tax dollars thrown away on misinformation to raise Tobacco dollars.

This video is like watching a paid production for Tobacco and Pharma (Nicorette). The SG makes No mention of the harms from young adults smoking deadly tar. Nor does he explain the side effects of using pharmaceutical products such as nicotine patches and gum. The corrupted Surgeon General is obviously representing in this video.

He goes further into the claim of vapor marketing to kids when he mentions a Doughnut flavored e-juice. This example was presented with only 1 purpose: to accuse the Vapor industry of marketing to young people. The desired result is for parents everywhere, to begin enforcing anti-vape opinions and votes. Question for the SG?: What people are seen in Doughnut shops? Cops and Seniors. Yes, seniors, and all adults like candy and doughnuts. Vapers do as well. Vaping requires flavors to help the users remain smoke free. Vaping is harm reduction! That’s it! it is not a fad to take up! It’s a life saving alternative to smoking. Smoke has deadly TAR, vaping does not. Vaping can have nicotine for the quitting individual needs to satisfy the nicotine addiction from years of smoking, yet without the deadly tar associated with smoking. Inhaled Nicotine, although having some side effects, are not deadly nor harmful. Eventually, A vaper ex-smoker can curb his appetite for nicotine as well. Many as I, have achieved this and seems to be the norm with most vapers.

My example: Smoked and inhaled cigars for 30years. Quit 100% for Vaping. Began at 36mg nicotine content. After 4 years of vaping at 3mg and 0mg.

LAST RANT on the B.S. in this video

If a young adult wants to try nicotine, they will most likely try smoking.

Explanation: Tobacco is virtually readily available to any young person. A cigarette only requires a match. Vapor 21 bans, coupled with a vapor device for substantial dollars. In addition, bumming a cigarette is extremely easy. Kids can’t vape if they wanted to. Vapers will never loan their device to any stranger, nor can a jobless person afford to buy vape equipment and e-juice.

In any case, Vapor has no nicotine unless requested/ordered with a particular nic strength. Vapor Sweet flavors are not for kids, rather for TAR quitting adults to remain smoke free.

The message of this video: Vaping Bad…SMOKE and Pharma Good.

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