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Click on links below to reach out to your state or local area Reps asking their support for our right to VAPE!

Here are some materials you can share on social media and/or as flyers around town.

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VSLLC conducts daily research for new CTA’s (Calls to Action) to publish and alert the community.

On occasion, one of the esteemed #2019VapeFight .org’s may publish a CTA later in the day. It may pass us till the next day. Please Help this page—> Such as ON IG, we have received several CTA Alerts from concerned Vapers (#VapeWarriors). We appreciate this and please continue to share. We will publish your handle when you tag us for the alert. Thank you VapersArmy!

The Vape Community is family…being part of a family means doing your part. Please advocate for Vapor as Harm reduction for you and future vapers.

Latest CTA listings


Stop a Flavor Ban – Elk Grove, CA

Posted 01/01/21

Keep Vape Mail Legal

December 23, 2020

Posted 12/21/20

Kansas City, Missouri – Stop a Flavor Ban

Posted 12/10/20

Keep Vape Mail Legal – Reject S.1253

December 10, 2020

Posted: DECEMBER 10th
 CASAA and EcigIntelligence bring you more forms of AMMO for Vapor:
Please take 10 – 15 minutes to complete this year’s ECigIntelligence Consumer Survey!
Take the Survey!
Your participation in this survey will help inform regulators, advocates, and commentators as we all work to build policies that benefit consumers.
  • Posted 11/16/20

Loveland, Colorado – Stop a Flavor Ban (11.17.20)

Missoula, MT – Stop a Flavor Ban!

Oregon – Vote No on Measure 108 – Vapor Tax

Colorado – Vote NO on Prop EE – Vape Tax

  • 10/7/20

CA – Napa – Stop a Flavor Ban! (Hearing: Tues. 10/6)

MI – Stop the MDHHS’s Flavor Ban – Hearing Oct. 20!

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