DEC2018 Vapor Calls To Action

DEC2018 Vapor Calls To Action
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Reach out to your state or local area Reps asking their support for HR1136 and opposition to S.3319. Unite to fight for our right to VAPE!

Here are some materials you can share on social media and as flyers around town.

VSLLC /VapersArmy Daily Updates

VSLLC conducts daily research for new CTA’s (Calls to Action) to publish and alert the community.

On occasion, one of the esteemed #2018VapeFight .org’s may publish a CTA later in the day. It may pass us till the next day. Help this page—> ON IG, we have received several CTA Alerts from concerned Vapers (#VapeWarriors). We appreciate this and please continue or join in this practice. We will publish your handle when you tag us for the alert. Thank you VapersArmy!

The Vape Community is family…being part of a family means doing your part. Please advocate for Vapor as Harm reduction for you and future vapers.

Latest CTA listings

  • Posted 12/12/18

Cincinnati, OH – Stop Tobacco AND Vapor 21!

NY – Suffolk County – Stop a Flavor Ban!

Once again, CASAA is pleased to share the annual ECig Intelligence consumer survey with our members. As you may remember from previous years, CASAA works cooperatively with ECI to develop survey questions that aid us in our advocacy efforts and help take the pulse of the vaping community.

Please take 10 – 15 minutes to complete this year’s Ecig Intelligence Consumer Survey!

Click here to take the survey

Your participation in this survey will help inform regulators, advocates, and commentators as we all work to build policies that benefit consumers.

Thank you!

Alex Clark


CT – Hartford – Stop Tobacco AND Vapor 21

CA – Sacramento – Stop a Flavor Ban

Link to download sign—> “Quit with Flavor”. Thank you to @jenbergercoleman of IG for the Campaign start. has provided a link to download the “Quit on Flavor” sign to be used for this social media campaign. Contact @jenbergercoleman on IG with your posting. Please join us and do your part and  raise awareness of vape flavors important role. The posts will be shared with the Senate, Congress, President and FDA.

Posted 8/9/18

MN – Otter Tail County – Stop Tobacco AND Vapor 21

Posted 8/6/18

Posted 7/21/18 (Thank you @luv2vape on IG for the alert)

Posted 06.22.18

Today, the Vapor Technology Association (VTA) & Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (CASAA) announced a nationwide campaign to submit Declarations to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA). These will be submitted regarding the Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding the regulation of flavors in tobacco products.

Follow this link – – to learn more and submit your sworn declaration to FDA today.

Posted 6/25/18

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