You Dont Know Nicotine – Final Update

Aaron Biebert -You Don't Know Nicotine
Aaron Biebert -You Don’t Know Nicotine

Aaron Biebert, director, creator of @AbillionLivesFilm, has reached his funding goal to begin production on his new film “You Dont Know Nicotine”.

VapeSling LLC is among early funding Backers for this project.

VapeSling® | ModHolders
JG of VapeSling LLC: met Aaron when I attended @abillionLivesFilm premiere. A true Warrior.

Being backers to the film, we can bring you a final update video sent by Aaron to share.

Anyone interested in the Truth about nicotine, such as smokers, concerned non-smokers, vapers, and their concerned family members should view this documentary. In fact, the globe can be educated, as much negativity surrounds the drug.

Video Update for You Dont Know Nicotine film

Aaron’s messages:

Thanks to passionate people around the world who chose to back our new nicotine movie, we’re proud to announce that we have reached our first stretch goal!!

We’re now able to make the movie even better with more interviews and a publicist to help get our message into the mainstream. Cheers!

With less than three hours left, now is the time to make your final adjustments. Once the deadline hits, everything freezes in time as a permanent record of our campaign…including your pledge. We’ll begin fulfilling some reward levels tomorrow.

If you forgot to join us or wanted to upgrade to get your name in the movie credits, there is still time, although some reward levels are nearly full.

Here’s the link to make final adjustments or join our mission

What’s next?

  • We’ll go live on our Facebook channel around noon (eastern time) to recap & celebrate
  • We have a staff meeting later to adjust our budget & logistics
  • The team will send out messages via Kickstarter to collect information needed for rewards
  • Heikki (our web leader) will make final changes to our supporter page, showing the world who made this movie happen with $14+ reward pledges
  • We’ll invite Kickstarter backers into a closed Facebook group to provide a more personalized communication experience with the team & I

Ok, that’s it for this update. Back to work. This is about to get interesting…
Cheers! Aaron

Previous Message from Aaron:

With about 13 hours to go, we are almost to our goal of 1000 backers!

I wanted to write you quick to thank you for your support. It’s been a long 30 days. Your pledge has been an amazing encouragement and helped us reach the public too. We’re off to a great start! I’m so excited for this project.

Here’s a document we’ll update with new links to download shareable video files, graphics, & pictures.

We’d love to have you use them however you think would help. You’re part of the team now.

That includes the video. Feel free to upload it to your own channel/page.

With 13 hours left, that could help get us over the goal.

Tthe Kickstarter campaign (

Thanks again for making this a true movement. We’ll see how it wraps up.

Lots to celebrate!


You Don't Know Nicotine
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