2modgod VapeSling Review

2modgod VapeSling Review at Vape Summit by Joey Jux:

Reviewer Joey Jux (2modgod.com) visited our booth at Vape Summit III.

He conducted and posted a 15 sec review.

Enjoy Joey’s 15 second review below:

The Model shown is our MODster from VapeSling®

More on Joey and his visit:

A very kind gentleman accompanied by his lovely girlfriend and camera person, Pixie.

He and Pixie grasped the Patent Pending VapeSling concept immediately.

He found our product concept a most favorable solution to carrying Mods and personal vaporizers on the go or around the house.

Joey expressed other points that he liked about VapeSling products:

Drip catch on the cradle and not your battery. Clean battery tops while using the sling

Showcase your Mod: Mod is in full view of it’s beauty and graphics. Joey had a beautiful Mod and felt: You paid for it…show it!

Vape on the move: Vaping on the go on at rest…your Mod is there and ready at all times

Comfort and weight distribution: The weight of any Mod is comfortably distributed across your body. Not from your neck.

We parted with a few too many fist bumps…we couldn’t help it…we love this guy and his girl!

Thank you Joey,

VapeSling Staff

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