Who Are The Vapers Film? Help them make Vape Gold

Who Are The Vapers Film? Help them make Vape Gold

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By Tony Ottomanelli II

IMG_6552film and movement

As of recent, there have been numerous small towns as well as larger urban areas all across the U.S.

banning the public use of vaporizing products. On every level, whether at the local, state or national stage,

we have witnessed attempts at enforcing potential regulatory measures for restricting the use of Vaping

products, as if the very act of vaping were identical to a plague. In fact, during a time in April of 2015, I wrote

my first advocacy piece/published article for VAPE Magazine about the Vaporfree

ordinance/Smoking ban

that had been passed by City Council members in the naturally beautiful city of Golden, CO. This has

happened to almost every single neighboring city surrounding Denver, such as: Lakewood, Littleton, Arvada,

Edgewater, Boulder and these suburban cities are only a mere glimpse; the places I just listed have proudly

posted steel signs all over the civilized developed areas warning pedestrians that vaping in public indoors or

outdoors is strictly prohibited.

Taking this into account, I have been strategically planning and creatively pavingtheway

for the production

of a short ethnographic documentary film (approx. 3045min)

using sociological research methodology; an

observational study using academic techniques that can help guide and shape a better understanding for

the general public of how vapers truly feel and who they actually are which

is a group of individuals who

are ordinary people with extraordinary backstories.


Vaping is undoubtedly one of the most influential phenomenons amongst 21st Century technological devices

with the ability to reduce harmful circumstances in the lives of human beings (from my viewpoint). Vaping

products have greatly influenced the high probability of improving harm reduction approaches for


who are actively seeking for ways to quit. Vapers could be the “poster children” for Public

Health Reform, shining a bright light on the positive effects from social progress.

As members of the Vaping Community, we have a responsibility to take action. A Sociological study

executed through an ethnographic research approach within the process of documentary filmmaking could

be the most beneficial tool for producing accurate results when conducting social research. In the case of an


and alternativeeducating

film it can effectively serve as a tool allowing the ordinary

American citizen to hear some very real and extremely compelling stories from actual individual vapers.

These backstories will be told during the social research methods I plan to apply those

consist of indepth

interviewing, immersion, and ethnography.

Essentially, this type of filmmaking approach is indeed a powerful source of communicating information.

Ethnographic Films have proven their powerful influence within some of the most effective and more

prominent sociological research projects.

As a matter of fact, the Social Sciences Research Center at

DePaul University has successfully created an outlet for such academic studies. Out of this, the existence of

The Journal of Video Ethnography is now a peerreviewed

academic journal which publishes the data and

findings from selected ethnographic studies conducted by only exemplary researchers utilizing filmmaking.

All in all, this provides students and educators alike to consult these published studies as references for

reliable information with credibility. I need the Vape community’s support for ensuring this study becomes a

published academic reference, which could further stabilize the validity of Vaping.

It can be easily deduced into the conclusion that when reality is communicated through actualization via the

process of filmviewing,

another’s opinion may have been rattled, shook, and forever changed. It is the

quality of information being communicated along with the visually stimulating effects from absorbing a film’s

content on screen that makes up how exactly our minds process what we’re seeing and hearing,

respectively, if the film is so real that it is causing us to make sense of everything we’re learning, then it is

clear to see how effective documentaries are on the human psyche. Furthermore, it is most likely the

emotional response felt after viewing a film that can shake people out of apathy and then fill that void with


It is my theory and belief that once the majority of American citizens, along with the other populations around

the world, can gain empathy towards those who are referred to as Vapers, simply from watching a collection

of individually recorded interviews discussing how exceptionally lifechanging

the act of Vaping can be for

other human lives, it is at that time that we will begin to see more acceptance from society.

Most Vapers I meet throughout my research are, more often than not, former tobaccocigaretteabusers.


fact, I have yet to meet a vaper who was not a former cigarette smoker. Yet, switching to a Vaping lifestyle

has deeply influenced their positive transformations into an exsmoker

previously plagued by the health

complications brought on by inhaling combustible tobacco. Clearly, the health complications caused by

smoking tobacco products are debilitating to a person’s overall wellbeing

As soon as skeptics realize Vapers are normal everyday American citizens with emotionallycharged

backstories, then skeptics feel a connection, compelling them to consequently help with rerouting the social

dialogue on Vaping towards a much safer pathway through the unpredictably dangerous crashcourse


popular opinion.


Since I have experience with the completion of graduatelevel

courses in screenwriting, filmmaking,

education, ethnography, research methods and Sociology, it is my intention to use all these areas of study

as tools for researching the Vaping community by utilizing filmmaking during an observational study.

The individuals who make up the Vaping Community are so passionate, personable, curious, sociable,

helpful, knowledgeable and have garnered such a strong sense of unity, in which all of these valuable

qualities can become highly contagious. As I transitioned from tobaccocigarette

smoking into Vaporized


I slowly but surely became extremely passionate, due in large part to the fact that so many

other vapers I frequently encounter and interact with are indeed full of passion and more than willing to

assist me if Im experiencing any fm type of Vaping issue

Thus, I believe the passion for Vaping is so contagious that we, as the Vaping community, can allow our

passion to expand across the land and spread amongst the people. Furthermore, the people we need to

convince about the beneficial nature surrounding the act of Vaping are all the nonVapers.

Not necessarily


yet it is surely viable to suggest that nonvapers

could easily become much more understanding

of this new cultural phenomenon if Vapers had a chance to reach them with information that is filtered

through actualization.

Ultimately, due to my educational background, I’m approaching this project from an academic angle using

ethnography as our strategy of inquiry. Overall, my Master’s Degree in Sociology has allowed me to

transform this film into a social research project. Since this will technically be considered a qualitative study,

the fieldwork I want to conduct consists of facetoface


Interviews with Vapers (from all walks of

life) inquiring about how and why they choose to Vape. Not to mention, capturing the social interactions and

general expressions Vapers have while filming them in a natural social setting (like a Vaping lounge or shop)

will serve as further evidence to all the greatness and potential Vaping can generate.

The goal is to inform and educate the average American citizen, making factual information easier for the

general public to access and assess in order to help develop unbiased viewpoints and a more accurate

comprehension since they may not truly understand what vaping is and what it eventually can grow to be.

Considering this, whenever nonVapers

inquire to me what it is I write about or which magazines publish my

work, when I reply by informing them that I write for two of the most influential and groundbreaking Vaping

magazines, their response back to me is s full, blank stare then

immediately admitting they have no idea

what the word “Vaping” means, symbolizes or represents. Only through the efforts of advocating the Vape

logic we know to be truthful, can situations like the one I continually experience cease to exist. Basically, we

need people who are not affiliated with Vaping in any way to become familiar with Vaping in every way. This

is a Health issue all must be made aware of.

It is vital to remember that this will be a project presented as an observational study strategized by

ethnographic techniques in hopes of capturing a truthful account of how the Vaping community members

express themselves in social settings. Adding a cherry on top of this equation is by conducting interviews

with participants sharing the personal journey they took to quit the single most preventative cause of death,

choosing a heap of Vape as their leap of faith. When measuring the statistics in qualitative research via

filmmaking, it can easily be done by allowing the visual evidence to represent observational data, creating

the opportunity for interpreting comprehensive results of pure validity.

Essentially filmed footage will be produced by following ethical guidelines for researchers and standard

methodological techniques of the social sciences. The interviews with individual Vapers will take place

primarily inside independent Vape shops or isolated environments where it will be a more natural discussion

rather than a relentless Q&A session.


All in all, I genuinely hope to see you support this film and this project’s overall “cause” in any way you see

fit: either by telling others all about it; follow “@WhoAreTheVapersFilm” on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn,

or Twitter; track the film’s progress through GoFundMe.com; perhaps entertain the idea of sponsoring us;

share the story behind your own Vaping lifestyle on film; point any persons of interest in our direction; try to

donate whatever you can spare for the production costs; ask us any question that you’re curious about;

contact us anytime via phone, email, or social media.

Basically, anything you may be able to do for this project will increase the chances that we, the Vape

Movement, could influence at least one person’s viewpoint about Vaping in a positive way (which can lead to

more education & acceptance via word of mouth) and eventually help Vapers’ in the longhaul,


guaranteeing progressive societal change all while blazing trails towards a more efficient and continual

advanced feature of enhancement for Public Health and ensuring that all citizens of the world have a chance

at living a better quality of life.

In closing, I hope you decide to truly believe in this project b/c it will be the first of its kind in regards to

conducting experimentation with Vapes through ethnographic socially scientific research, a study that will

have great promise to become a published report in academic journals for higher education. Not to mention,

the filmmaking aspect will prove to be the most effective research tool as I guarantee a steady response in

online traffic as well as any other forms of fueling high distribution numbers. The point is, when people come

together, form a collective consensus, and approach these opportunities as a team, then who knows what

the future holds? Anything is possible and at the most, It is very promising.

Thank you for reading my lengthy synopsis. Most theorized notions emphasized in qualitative research

studies become a challenge to convince those who may oppose the topic of interest, so it is crucial to apply

basic logic, critical reasoning and moral judgment throughout the process of legitimizing the theoretical

framework that is being tested. Even if all these qualities seem to take a long duration of time to formulate a

viable explanation. So, the details are extremely relevant because small things make big things happen.

Best Regards,

Tony Ottomanelli II



(419) 3048240

www.whoarethevapers.com (indevelopment)




To expose the emotionallycharged,

riveting backstories of individual former smokers now turned fulltime

Vapers in hope of

influencing public opinion, shining a brighter light on the act of Vaping as a harm reduction approach for improving Public

Health Reform. Simultaneously creating a sense of empathy among skeptics for the vaping community, thus stirring up a

surge of more overall social acceptance and uncontested approval due to the overwhelming support received by the general

public who will have their doubts undone.

TAGLINE OPTION : Sociology, Research, Filmmaking & Vaping are all interchangeable concepts of Education, Actualization,

Expression, & Artistry.


If you have any desire for looking into the first article I wrote on the outdoor Vaping ban in Golden, CO, check it out here at

VAPEMagazine’s site. CLICK LINK:




Additionally, I will be posting all of the articles I’ve had published in VAPEmz & Vapouround Magazine that discuss

“WhoAreTheVapers?” as a short ethnographic documentary film project.

Yet, please feel free to examine www.vapouround.co.uk and find my articles about the “Sociology of Vaping” in the table of

contents. Both of these magazines are masters of their craft and the leading Vaperelated

publications in the entire industry.

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