VapeSling Voltage Drop Test

VapeSling Voltage Drop Test

VapeSling LLC has attended several great Trade Shows. In these Trade Shows we had the grand opportunity to speak with our customers face to face. One of the biggest concerns seems to be connectivity and Voltage drop. Our VapeSlings require installing a support cradle between the ATTY and the BATTY. Since this is the electrical connection, it’s natural to assume some power issues. However, VapeSling LLC recently conducted a “Voltage Drop Test” and found this assumption to be false.

Posted below is a video featuring JG from VapeSling LLC and Guy Addy from Vape2O vape shop in Henderson, NV. A Phantom Hybrid Mod with a Royal Hunter RDA was the device used in our test.

The Voltage Measuring device used is a Digital Multimeter. The Leads on the Digital Multimeter were “touched” or connected to the positive and negative posts of the RDA during operation of the Hybrid Mod.

The first part of the test was done without the VapeSling Cradle in place. A reading of 3.4 to 3.6 Volts was read on the Digital Multimeter.

The Second part of the test was done with the VapeSling Cradle installed between the ATTY and the BATTY. A reading of 3.4 to 3.6 Volts was read on the Digital Multimeter.

Results of the test: There is no drop in Voltage or loss of connectivity between your Atomizer and Battery when using a VapeSling…Even with Hybrid Mods!

2modgod VapeSling Review

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2modgod VapeSling Review at Vape Summit by Joey Jux:

Reviewer Joey Jux ( visited our booth at Vape Summit III.

He conducted and posted a 15 sec review.

Enjoy Joey’s 15 second review below:

The Model shown is our MODster from VapeSling®

More on Joey and his visit:

A very kind gentleman accompanied by his lovely girlfriend and camera person, Pixie.

He and Pixie grasped the Patent Pending VapeSling concept immediately.

He found our product concept a most favorable solution to carrying Mods and personal vaporizers on the go or around the house.

Joey expressed other points that he liked about VapeSling products:

Drip catch on the cradle and not your battery. Clean battery tops while using the sling

Showcase your Mod: Mod is in full view of it’s beauty and graphics. Joey had a beautiful Mod and felt: You paid for it…show it!

Vape on the move: Vaping on the go on at rest…your Mod is there and ready at all times

Comfort and weight distribution: The weight of any Mod is comfortably distributed across your body. Not from your neck.

We parted with a few too many fist bumps…we couldn’t help it…we love this guy and his girl!

Thank you Joey,

VapeSling Staff

Follow Joey @2modgod on twitter and IG

HIPster Carabiner Sling Available Now

HIPster Carabiner Sling Available Now by VapeSling®

VapeSling innovations are part of our daily functions. Our Patent Pending concept extends to be used on several model types as the ones already introduced. Future new models will continue to be available as developed by our innovative team. We incorporate valuable feedback from our customers, vendors and distributors with our creative, original ideas. During this period of innovation, we took into consideration that some vapers may not share the same appeal of wearing a neck lanyard sling or cross-body sling to hold their Mods or vaporizers. To accommodate these users with an unrestricted method of carry, such as our lanyard slings, we developed and created a new model.


Our latest creation using our Patent Pending concept is the HIPster. This sling model is a key chain/carabiner type of Mod Holder. As with all our Sling holders, Mods of ALL SIZES, WEIGHT and SHAPE are supported, comfortably and securely. Your Mod’s weight is supported at your belt loops, waistband or wherever you choose to clip the carabiner. The 50mm carabiner, with engraved VapeSling logo, will be black in color. As the MODster, the HIPster will feature 550 Military grade cord, extending 3″ to the, reinforced, black canvas cradle. The HIPster cradle will be the same shape, size and strength of our MODster cradle. This tough cradle will carry all the Mods, e-cigs, or vaporizers you own, securely and comfortably. As always, the cradle is sandwiched and fastened between the Atty and the Batty (Atomizer and Battery). Your Mod will be in full display and always ready to vape. Cord Colors will be the same selections available with our new MODster X and XL models. Unclip the HIPster to vape; Clip back on to store; no need to remove and re-attach from the HIPster in order to vape and store your Mod.


Another HIPster carry method is belt loop and pocket. The Loop and Pocket can be used for support, while the Mod rests upright in the users pocket. This avoids awkward and embarrassing Mod shifts in the users pocket.


Additionally, if the user is a Sling owner, the HIPster can be attached to the Sling and used as a lanyard. The user can also enjoy multi Mod use on the same Sling.

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New VapeSling MODster X and XL is available


New VapeSling MODster X and XL is available now!


At VapeFest, VapeSling staff members listened to you, our customers, which includes vapers, shop owners and distributors. VapeSling has developed and recently added the MODster X and XL to our website product lines. These new cross-body slings sizes (25 and 30″) will provide comfort for the Big and Tallest vapers in our vaping community. Our original MODster is a 21 inch cross-body Sling for our small to average stature users. The MODster X and XL will provide the Big and Tallest vapers with a 25 and 30 inch cross-body sling providing the same comfort, security and convenience enjoyed by our original MODster users. The MODster is designed to extend just above the vaper’s waist area. The attached Mod will then be at easy reach and conveniently located under the MODster cradle at the waist. Of course, the MODster allows the user to keep a vapers mod behind, front or side of the users body, depending on the activity or inactivity as in relaxing on a couch to hiking a mountain trail. Whatever your activity, you will be able to enjoy vaping as you go, without having to extract and re-deposit your Mod from a pouch, pocket, etc. Most important, you’ll never need to worry of your Mod falling to the ground. Tested tough, exceeding requirements of any Mod weight, the MODster will never let you or your device down.

We always will be receptive to any feedback from our vaper customers and vape shop owners alike. Please provide us with your valuable input on Facebook, twitter or on our website under “Contact VapeSling” section.

We look forward to hearing from you. Vape On! and, Carry,Vape and Move with your VapeSling.

The BEST Large E-Cig Mod Holder

Large E-Cig Mod Holder

VapeSling®: The BEST Large E-Cig Mod Holder


The BEST Large E-Cig Mod Holder
















Like all our slings, you can vape as you go when you use the MODster™ , ZIPster™ or HIPster™ from VapeSling®. The MODster™ and ZIPster™ are heavy-duty cross-body slings. Both are a large e-cig mod holders that, when worn, allows the user to hold the largest and heaviest e-cig mods available on the market while leaving your hands free to live your life so you can vape on the go. V2.0 was developed to produce the strongest, yet thinnest material for our VapeSling v2.0 Cradle. Thin to assure 510 contact between the Atomizer and Battery (No Voltage drops…see our Voltage Test). Strong to accommodate any Mod weight and never break. Our cradle holds 102lbs or more as proved on our Load bearing Test.. Plus, our new V2.0 Silver series looks sexier than ever.

The key advantage of the MODster™ and ZIPster™ is it’s weight distribution on the user. Unlike a neck Lanyard, the weight of your heavy Mod is distributed across your body instead of your delicate neck area. The MODster™ and ZIPster™ distributes the weight so well, that you may forget your Mod is on you.

The HIPster™ is a large e-cig mod holder using a carabiner. This model will allow your Mod to be hooked onto anything (backpack, seatbelt, belt loops, etc.). The ZIPster™ also separates into a HIPster, thus having the same advantages with the option to use a ZIP LINE sling.

All 3 are an excellent fit for all large 18650 single or multi battery Box Mods as well as 26650 Mods or Box Mods. Whether you have a cylindrical e-cig or box mod, the MODster™ , ZIPster™ or HIPster™ Large E-Cig Mod Holder from VapeSling® will hold your device comfortably and securely.

The MODster™ , ZIPster™ or HIPster™ from from VapeSling® will also fit the 510 connections on EGO batteries; however, to use an EGO Atomizer, a 510 to EGO adapter is offered for just $3.25. The 510 to EGO adapter provides the wider EGO threads for any EGO Atomizer whether you are using a 510 Mod or EGO battery. Just click here to add one to your cart.

To purchase these heavy-duty cross-body slings made with 550 military grade paracord, dual PVC backed liquid-proof reinforced black canvas, just click here to choose your model and color. Don’t forget, your shipping is FREE to anywhere in the United States at $15 or more.

Trying to live one-handed or replacing lost or broken mods because you keep leaving or dropping them is a thing of the past. Get the BEST Large E-Cig Mod Holder available on the market today from VapeSling®.

Carry. Vape. Move.

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