Links-info from Vape Advocacy Webinar

Links-info from Vape Advocacy Webinar

Nov 30, 2015

Notes from Webinar Chat (expert to vapers)

email me at:

email mabel_e._echols@omb.eop
to ask for a meeting reference RIN: 0910-AG38

the survey to those who haven’t

IF your shop is pro active and I mean aggressive to help our cause then send me a feedback form on my site for some “ink” @ Please 🙂

NBS also has docs available: to stay in touch

Anyone can keep in touch with me through email at or instagran at Tw11tch or on facebook through my name Chris

Emails go to Senators and Reps:
And make a call too:

This is the letter that the Senators are writing to the OMB

Existing Studies

GFN 2015

list of who is co sponsoring
Use govtrack.

End notes in CHAT

VSLLC brief Observations:

These were real vapers as you and VSLLC, asking the hard questions to the experts. However, the opportunity was so shockingly grand, that the webinar was over before we understood, the folks answering us were the actual speaking experts…answering as they waited their turn at the MIC. Of course, all of us jumped in. 🙂

The Webinar itself was priceless. It offered a real in your face view of the big picture. If you missed it, there will be a recording. VSLLC will post the recording here when available.

The experts on hand were:

Featuring: Julie Woessner (CASAA) and Cynthia Cabrera (SFATA)
Special Guests: Greg Conley (AVA) and Mike Hogan (Federal Lobbyist, Alpine Group)
Hosted by: Cheryl Richter (National Vapers Club, Inc.)
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KEEP GOING!!! The fight is never over!!!
Vaping means Advocacy. We have no Friends, only each other.
9 million vapers, however, Sleepers are in the majority.
Cloud Comps and Vape Shops are full of em.
Get out there and spread the word: FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO VAPE NOW!!!
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Vape shop owners, manufacturers and distributors should schedule meetings with OIRA/OMB TODAY! Click Here

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