#handcheck HandCheck™ by VapeSling®

V2.0 HandCheck™ by VapeSling®


HandCheck™ by VapeSling®


  • A VapeSling® Voltage test was conducted.
  • There are no Voltage Drops when using a VapeSling®.
  • Half-Pint Style holds better than 25lbs
  • All V2.0 models have a Lifetime Guarantee

This model was developed to accommodate users with a secure method of hand carry or HandCheck.
This latest creation using our Patent Pending concept is the V2.0 HandCheck™ from VapeSling®.

This new sling model is a Hand Sling Mod Holder. As with all our Slings, Mods of ALL SIZES, WEIGHT and SHAPE are held, comfortably and securely. Your Mod’s weight is supported by 550 Military grade paracord and our proprietary reinforced canvas. The cording is adjustable and extends up to 9″.


Never worry about losing or letting your Mod fall again. Take out your best Mods…you know, the one Mod you cherish the most and are so reluctant to take her out, that she never seen daylight. Sling her up on your new secure HandCheck™ and IG #handcheck safely.

Attachment is done with the cradle sandwiched between the Atty and the Batty (Atomizer and Battery). Your Mod will be in full display and always ready to vape.



The HandCheck™ will also fit the 510 connections on EGO batteries. The center aperture on the HIPster cradle is designed to allow the 510 connection on all EGO batteries fit in securely. All 510 Atty’s will screw on easily. If you use an EGO Atomizer (EVOD, mini atty, etc.), we provide a 510 to EGO adapter to accommodate the threads. The 510 to EGO adapter provides the wider EGO threads for any EGO Atomizer whether you are using a 510 Mod or EGO battery.

Get yours today!

Specs for HandCheck™:

  • 0-9 inch adjustable length
  • 550 Military grade paracord
  • Stitched and embroidered, Dual, reinforced, liquid-proof, black canvas
  • Fits all 510 devices

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VapeSling® Vape/Mod Holders Lifetime Guarantee

VapeSling® Lifetime Guarantee

VapeSling® is committed to earning your trust in our company and products. We stand by our products and our promise of premium quality, functionality, and customer satisfaction.

As a VapeSling® customer, you are assured top quality and integrity for your Vaping Device to be held securely. For additional assurance, we provide our VapeSling® Lifetime Guarantee. Your VapeSling (V2.0) is guaranteed to never break for “LIFE”. When you purchase your VapeSling V2.0, rest assured that it will never break while being properly used. However, in the unlikely event a break occurs, your VapeSling V2.0 is guaranteed for LIFE and will be replaced for free.

Conditions for VapeSling® Lifetime Guarantee

The following conditions apply for your VapeSling replacement*:

  • Please send broken VapeSling to: VapeSling LLC, 10624 S. Eastern Ave., STE A-838 Henderson, NV 89052
  • Please describe how the break occurred
  • Please enclose “proof of purchase” (receipt from vape shop or website) when shipping
  • Provide your name and shipping address for replacement to be shipped
  • Lifetime Guarantee may be void (cut with a knife, etc.)
  • This Guarantee is not for wear and tear.


VapeSling® LLC

10624 S. Eastern Ave.

STE A-838

Henderson, NV 89052


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*One replacement for the Lifetime of your VapeSling V2.0. Legacy Slings excluded.

VapeSling®: Unbreakable Mod Holders

VapeSling®: Unbreakable Mod Holders

VapeSling® realizes, that although we offer a “Lifetime Guarantee” there may be some skeptics or wary folks when exposed to our unique Patent Pending concept, currently used on our unbreakable V2.0 Mod Holders. Our Mod Holders have some characteristics that may instill some doubt from certain individuals. First of all is that VapeSling® is completely new to the general public. In order to remove all doubt about strength, and lately, Voltage reduction, VapeSling® conducted 2 tests. One is our Voltage Test and the other is a Load bearing Test. In this post we cover the Load test. We hired NTS to conduct and film the Load test. We sent them a HIPster (which is the same cradle as the MODster and ZIPster) to gauge the load bearing on all our Heavy-duty models.

Here is a bit more on NTS:

National Technical Systems (NTS) is a privately held company providing a wide range of test, inspection and certification services. With the largest network of test laboratories in North America and over 50 years of experience to draw from, NTS is prepared to meet any challenge.

Below is a screenshot and the video of the Load Test conducted at the NTS lab in Fullerton, CA.

In this video, we sent in our VapeSling® HIPster/ZIPster model.
Note: The VapeSling® MODster uses the same cradle.
The Cradle portion of our test VapeSling is at the Bottom. On top, the 550 paracord is stretching from the 4 articulation points on the cradle. The metal cube wrapped by the cradle (at the bottom) is the anchor point and doubling as a 1″ diameter Atty. The metal cube 510 male thread is screwed thru the cradle’s center aperture into the test bed. The Cording is pulled at the top from the “Load Test Device” (LTD). The LTD slowly and gradually reaches the 100lbs point*. No breakage occurs.

Our Patent Pending VapeSling is guaranteed to hold any Mod’s shape or weight…for a good reason.

*Tester was instructed to stop at 100lbs, not when breakage occurs. Test site charges additional fees beyond 100lbs loads.

VapeSling_Load Test

Your Mod nor your VapeSling® will ever break while on your body. Truly the only “Vape and Carry” solution for vapers of all levels and Mod types. Enjoy our unbreakable heavy-duty Mod Holders ( HIPster, MODster and ZIPster). Vape and carry with confidence.

V2.0 ZIPster and HIPster Carabiner

V2.0 ZIPster and HIPster Carabiner Sling by VapeSling®

VapeSling innovations are part of our daily functions. Our Patent Pending concept extends to several model types as developed by our innovation team. At trade shows, we receive valuable feedback from our customers, vendors and distributors. For development of our newest models: ZIPster and HIPster, we took into consideration that some vapers may not share the same appeal of wearing a neck lanyard sling or cross-body sling to hold their Mods or vaporizers. VapeSling® created 2 new models to accommodate vapers with an unrestricted method of “vape on the go” carry.


The HIPster and ZIPster (ZIPster details below). These sling models are carabiner Mod Holders. As with all our Sling holders, Mods of ALL SIZES, WEIGHT and SHAPE are supported, comfortably and securely. Your Mod’s weight is supported at your belt loops, waistband or wherever you choose to clip the carabiner. The 50mm carabiner, with engraved VapeSling logo, will be black in color. Featuring 550 Military grade cord, extending 3″ to the, reinforced, liquid-proof black canvas cradle. The HIPster and ZIPster cradle will be the same shape, size and strength of our MODster cradle. This tough cradle will carry all the Mods, e-cigs, or vaporizers you own, securely and comfortably. As always, the cradle is sandwiched and fastened between the Atty and the Batty (Atomizer and Battery). Your Mod will be in full display and always ready to vape. No need to remove and re-attach from the HIPster or ZIPster in order to vape or hold your Mod.


Another HIPster or ZIPster carry method is belt loop and pocket. The Loop and Pocket can be used for support, while the Mod rests upright in the users pocket. This avoids awkward and embarrassing Mod shifts in the users pocket.


Additionally, if the user is a Sling owner, the HIPster can be attached to the Sling and used as a lanyard.

The ZIPster, however, includes it’s own adjustable ZIP line. The user can enjoy adjustable Sling-ed carry, and multi HIPster/Mod use on the same line.

HIPster_ZIPster_on_ZIP Line

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