VapeSling® – SlingGuide

VapeSling® – SlingGuide

This guide is provided to assist in choosing/creating your standard or customized VapeSling® here on

Install info and video at this link: Proper VapeSling Install

This guide is web-link driven to further assist. Click on any colored text or where you see to click here—->.

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VapeSling® – SlingGuide Quick Start:

For a Standard Sling, follow Step 1 and Checkout (4)

For a Custom Sling, follow Steps 1 & 2 then Checkout (4)


VapeSling® – SlingGuide

Step 1-Required Step:

Choose your VapeSling® Style and Type

  • A. STYLE: Style describes the construction of your Sling.

3 Styles —->

V3  Webbed Fabric Slings


or Military Grade Paracord

  V2.1 Half-Pint (HP)



V2.1 Original

V2.0 embroidered cradle
V2.1 Original


  • B.  TYPE: Type describes the function of your Sling (neck, hand or body)

 V3  Webbed Fabric Slings: has 4 Types:

(Cross-Body) MODster—->MODster XXL,  —->(Neck Sling) Average Joe —>(hand sling) RingSling, and  HandCheck —> (hand sling)


 V2.1 (HP):  has 8 Types:

Hand Slings:—-> HandCheck ™  or  —-> Ring Sling ™

Clip:—->HIPster HP ™

Neck Slings/Lanyards:—->Average Joe HP ™   or  —-> BlingSling™

Cross-Body Slings:—->MODster HP ™  or—-> ZIPster HP ™  or  —->ZIPster XXL HP ™


 V2.1 Original has only Cross-Body

(Cross-Body only)   —->MODster—->MODster X, and —->MODster XL

  • C. ADD TO CART: Before continuing to Step 2, select the fabric/cord color at the top section of the product, and click “Add to Cart”.


Optional Step 2:


Note: Custom cradle options are not available for the V2.1 Original Style sling. Please skip to step 4 if choosing a V2.1 Original

Customize your V2 or V3 Cradle with Color, or skip to step 3 if you want a Standard Cradle (Light Silver) on your Slings.

To add color to your Sling Cradle START with your —–>Boundary stitching  Custom_Cradle_Bound

Single Color: Once you add theBoundary stitching option to your cart, you may skip to step 3 for a 1 color (VS and outer lines same color) cradle stitching.

Example: Choose green stitch for the Boundary color. Click “Add to Cart”. Checkout, will result in a single color green Boundary and VS Logo for your cradle color.

Dual Color: For a 2nd and additional color choice on the VS logo embroidery, click here—-> VS embroidery.Custom_Cradle_VS

Please make sure you click “Add to Cart” Before continuing to Step 3.

NOTE:  New Send & Sling™ (only available for V3 slings) Customize is also available. Now you can personalize your V3 Sling type with any fabric print you desire. Sling your Sports teams, car/bike brands, TV show (TWD, Game of Thrones, etc), or a favorite pattern print.


Optional Step 3:

Choose a Complimentary VapeSling® Cradle Aperture size

Note: Custom cradle options are not available for the V2.1 Original Style sling. Please skip to step 4 for V2.1 Original choice

You may choose to skip to step 4 if you only want a Standard Cradle on all your Slings.

If you are not sure, Click here to learn more—-> Complimentary VapeSling® Cradle Aperture size

Standard “Tight” 510 cradle
“Large” aperture Cradle

This is a free option provided for vapers to decide which aperture size is best suited for their use.

If you want this option, Please make sure you click “Add to Cart” Before continuing to Step 4.


Step 4: You are done. Click on your cart to Checkout

We recommend repeating for each sling Style/type in a consecutive manner.

This will avoid confusion by both you, our customer and VSLLC processing staff.


If you have an Ego atty to use with your sling, we offer the 510toEgo adapter and Beauty Ring.

The 510toEgo adapter also guarantees 100% connection. Yes, it’s guaranteed.

There are few atty’s and batty’s without adjustment pins. This 510toEgo adapter will guarantee any 510 or Ego atty to connect when using any VapeSling.

Additional options such as bottle clips available —–>click here

VapeSling® Logo items/ Apparel—->click here

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